Benefits of Business Facebook Page

Benefits of Business Facebook Page

Published on: 07/11/2015 8:51 pm in News 2015, Social Media Management, Web Design FAQ

If you are considering creating a Facebook page for your business but not sure if it’s worth it, have a look at this article. Here are 5 benefits of Business Facebook Page that might help to make up your mind.

It’s FREE Advertisement

How much would you pay to have your advert viewed by hundreds or even thousands of customers? Some would pay a lot. The thing is you don’t have to pay for it at all. All you need is a Facebook Business Page and an audience.

You can Engage with Customers Anytime

Imagine a situation where you run a furniture shop. You want to boost your sells by promoting 30% off on selected rage of sofas. What do you do? Traditionally you would put out a banner ad on your window display, maybe go to a local newspaper or even radio to create an advert there. Possibly yes… but there is another way. Now imagine you can reach all your loyal customers at one click of a button. Wouldn’t that be great? Now you can let them know all in one time about your offer, again for free. The cool thing is your audience doesn’t have to be limited to your existing customers (facebook followers). That brings us to the next point…

Customers can Engage with each other

Going back to the furniture shop example and discounted sofas. If any of your customers like your sofas discount post and hit on the like button, great. What happens then is all their Facebook friends will see your advert too.  So now you have another pool of possible clients and Facebook followers. If these guys decide to like your Facebook page, from the moment they they click on that like button, they can enjoy all of your posts as well. And why wouldn’t they like your page? After all who doesnt like a 30% off on a sofa. Right?

Personal Recommendation is the Strongest Endorsement

It’s simply true. Who would you rather trust recommending a shopping place, A TV ad or a friend? Its no brainer – a friend. Through Facebook you can interact with your audience but more importantly your audience can interact with each other. This is important because the more your product stimulate discussion, the more exposure the product will have.

Scale as Big or Targeted as you want

The internet is great invention because it’s global. That opens a whole world of opportunities to advertise your business. Because Facebook is global too, with people having accounts all over the world, your operations could be too. As this is good for e-commerce businesses for example, sometimes it’s better to restrict your audience though. If you run a small local business, the audience you want is people who will actually visit your shop. So targeting a specific customer group based on a location would work better in this case.

If you want to create a Facebook page for your business, but not sure where to start, do give me a shout. I can help with building and launching it. Also if you already have a Facebook page that doesn’t work as it could, drop me a line. I can boost your audience and make it function as it should.

Here is an example of a Facebook page I built for a local business.

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