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Content Management System Website - Joomla! New You Counselling by imwedesigner.com

About the Project

The Project – Content Management System Website

In this project I used Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) . The site has an informative profile and the content changes regularly therefore choosing CMS was the best option.

There are two main advantages of Content Management System site over a simple static website. The first is the ability to making content changes by the client without designer’s intervention. That includes updating existing pages with new text or images, creating new pages from scratch or writing articles in the ‘News’ section. Second advantage of CMS is simplicity when it comes to changing the overall look of the site. Content Management Systems separate the content from presentation. They use a template system to make the site look a certain way. When a client wants to change the look of the site, all they have to do is to use a different template. The content and site structure will stay the same.

The colour scheme needed to suit the company’s character. We went with toned colours, shades of beige with addition of blue and purple. Since the site is more informational that visual, there were no large graphics used. The client also provided a lot of relevant content which needed to be easily accessible.  An additional side menu was created to clearly display the company’s services. The rest of the pages were positioned in the main top menu.

The Client – New You Counselling

New You provides counselling services helping people dealing with personal difficulties.

You can check the site here: New You Counselling

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