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Custom Website design CSS Zen Garden by imwebdesigner.com

About the Project

The Project – Custom Website, Graphic and Web Design

Inspired by www.csszengarden.com initiative I decided to contribute to web society by adding my design to the huge library of designs on that site.

This site is a challenge for any web designer. The concept is simple. You need to create graphics and CSS code to already given HTML. You also need to do it in a way that will make your design stand out. Normally the process of creating a website is a little different. Usually the designer has full control over the site structure (HTML code) and presentation (CSS code). So they would start mocking up the design in a graphic processing program like Photoshop first, than work on the HTML code (structure) and lastly CSS code (presentation). Here one important component is taken away from designer’s control. HTML is already given and you can’t change it.

Check out the design here: Custom Web Design

Projects like this improve on designers skills, learn new ways of working with code and most of all are fun. Not all of the websites has to look the same. If you are looking for custom website design contact me for  free quote.

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