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Facebook business page project by imwebdesigner.com

About the Project

The Project – Facebook Business Page

Social Media plays a great role in building online presence these days. Recognising that fact is one of the keys to successful business. Facebook Business Page could help boosting your online presence in a big way, when executed correctly.

The main focus of this project was to increase an online exposure of a local business. The client already had a successful website which they wanted to link to Facebook. My job was to build a Facebook business page, that would attract even more clients. That included creating graphics and content. The graphics in this case, should be aesthetic and draw attention. The content should call to certain action. That action could be contacting the company or booking a meeting. Running a successful Facebook business page however is not only about ‘selling’ services online. Facebook is also about entreatment. That’s why some posts need to have a lighter approach to them. That way the audience is more likely to like and share posts.

To check this Facebook page see here: Marius Garage Facebook Business Page

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The Client – Marius Garage Limerick

Marius Garage is a local car repair business based in Limerick. They have run a success operation since 2007, providing excellent customer service.

To find out more about them check their website: www.mariusgarage.com

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