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Custom html newsletter email

About the Project

The Project – Custom HTML Newsletter Email

This project required creating a custom HTML email. As a part of my job, being employed by Big Wave Media Training, was creating and releasing Newsletters to a database of subscribers. When building custom newsletter emails a lot of non-technical and technical aspects need to be considered.

The objectives of these HTML emails can differ slightly. But the main goal would be to attract customers to a service or a product. Non technical aspects of newsletters can consist of: creating engaging content, specifying target audience, the open emails rate, the click rate, the bounce back emails and the list goes on.

One of those technical ones when creating HTML newsletter emails is the technology itself. HTML emails are built with HTML tables which is a technology, used back in a day to creating websites. The websites moved on, though. Marketing emails didn’t. So technology-wise the designers are limited to what they can do. In some cases they need to be inventive to keep the viewers interest. Also there are many little quarks to be aware of when building these, like the display of images and the kind of HTML tags that are supported and lately mobile devices support.

If  you are thinking of expanding your customer base by sending targeted html email, or need training in it, please contact me for free quote.

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