Website Package

  • 99 per existing page
  • FREE website analysis (read more)
  • Beautiful Functional New Web Design
  • Improved SEO rankings
  • Fully Responsive (mobile and tablet ready)

This web design Makeover Package is created to improve the Look, Functionality and Search-ability (SEO) of your existing website.

When your website isn’t used to its full potential, you loose clients.
Get it back on track with this one of it’s kind Makeover Web Design Package.


This package is best suited for businesses or individuals who:

  • want to elevate Search Engine ranking (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • want to change over to responsive web design to keep up with client’s expectation (why is this important)
  • want to improve on existing website’s functionality (contact forms, booking forms, selling products, photo galleries, videos, etc.)
  • want to improve on existing website’s user experience


Full FREE Website Analysis

If you are unsure if your website needs a redesign we will run a FREE website performance check for you.

All websites are tested in the following categories:

  • Responsiveness Across Different Devices,
  • User Experience (layout and navigation),
  • Relevance of the Content,
  • Search Engine Optimisation,
  • Graphics Optimisation,
  • Code Optimisation,
  • Speed

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Layout Redesign

We will redesign your website’s layout and give it beautiful, modern look. Your website will be fully responsive and user friendly. We will determine your business’s strong points, your target audience, and rebuild it to meet your goals.

Performance Improvements

Performance improvements start with relevant content. If your website doesn’t get the search engine ranking it deserves, chances are the content needs to be enhanced.

We will revise and update the content to achieve better results in Search Engine rankings. By serving your clients with relevant and informative content, you increase not only the website’s search-ability, but also giving them a reason to browse more and return.

Since speed is essential when it comes to user experience we will revise and update your websites code to meet best web standards. Other factor like graphics optimisation will also be taken into account and improved upon.

The size of your images matter. But in this case the smaller the better. Large heavy images slow down your website’s loading time. We will enhance the images to find the best balance between the speed and image quality.

Not sure if you need a MAKOVER?

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We will provide you with a full report on your website’s performance.
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