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Restaurant Menu Design Front - Remix

About the Project

The Project – Menu Design for Print

Remix Food contacted me with plans of reorganising their chain of restaurants, fortifying and unifying their brand. I was invited to advice on the new company image which consisted of new logo, website redesign and new menus design.

We agreed that the first and the fastest step to improve the brand would be redesigning old menus (on the paper and in restaurants) creating new offers and giving the menus attractive look to expand the client base.

When working on the menu I focused on two main colours and their combinations. The colours I chose for this menu design were red and a selected shade of blue. I also added a hint of yellow. These colours are proven to attract attention and trigger ‘food thoughts’ as studies suggest. In every design a colour selection is an important step and time should be assign to think it through. In graphic or web design no element should be left out of place and all elements should serve a purouse.  With the right selection of images and text layout I created a menu design that is attractive, attention drawing and calls to action.

The result can be found below.

The Client – Remix Food

Remix Food is a high quality ingredients restaurants chain in Limerick and Ennis. They make and deliver tasty Asian Cuisine but are not only limited to it. With the wide selection of cheesy pizzas, succulent kebabs and delicious burgers Remix Food has something on offer for everyone.

Restaurant Menu Design Front - RemixRestaurant Menu Design Inside - Remix

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