Responsive Web Design How Important is it?

Responsive Web Design How Important is it?

Published on: 08/07/2015 4:49 pm in News 2015, Web Design FAQ

If you are considering creating a website for your business or redesigning your existing one, chances are you heard of it – Responsive Web Design. Some say it’s essential in web development today some still argue it’s not. The fact is, it’s here and its growing strong. So what is responsive web design? Is it important? And what are the benefits of it? Let’s start at the beginning.

What is Responsive Web Design?

It’s an approach in web design that suggests, that the design should adjust to the user’s behaviour and factors like platform, device’s screen size and its orientation. In simple terms it means the website should be functional, readable and look good regardless of the device or screen size it’s being viewed on.

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Back in the past websites were built for desktop computer screen sizes only. There wasn’t too much variety there, so all of the design dimensions were pretty much fixed. Today the number of mobile devices being able to displaying web pages grows. So having one fixed design slowly becomes obsolete. Since while it works well on desktop devices it fails to give good results on mobile platforms.  In fact it becomes increasingly important, that websites adapt to these smaller screens as well. That changes the whole concept of web design. For web designer it requires considering whole spectrum of devices and screen sizes in the design process. For client it means more flexibility and bigger audience. Let’s see how.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

NowadayImportance of Responsive Web Designs we can observe a global shift in web traffic moving towards hand held devices like tablets or mobile phones. It doesn’t take a scientist to see this. Just have a look at people around you. How many of them are looking at their phones right now? Chances are you are reading this article on one. See? Also preferences of an average person browsing the web changed. People expect the content to be served faster than ever and in the clearer form than ever. So if your website doesn’t keep up with the expectations you stay behind. If however it does, that might give you an edge over your competition.

All in all it’s important for any business to reach as many possible clients as possible. One good way is through a functional, well designed website. Better yet a website that offers the best user experience regardless on the device it is being displayed on.

If you are looking for affordable responsive web design for your business or redesigning your existing website, please contact me for a free quote. All our new designs are fully responsive and work flawless across all devices and screen sizes.

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