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Jumping Pillows Web Project

About the Project

The Project – Modern Design with Video Background

Video background website designs have emerged in the web design world only recently. In combination with a modern design and thoughtful content presentation they can create a very attractive, attention-drawing design. The project was to create a functional, unique website that promotes only one product. This product is air cushions.

After consultations with the client and establishing the target audience, we decided to go with the responsive web design that is based on bold graphics. I advised on video background web design built as one page. This kind of solution allows to load all of the content at one time. You can than easily navigate through it with swipes on mobile devices or pinned navigation menu on larger devices. After loading the website responds swiftly and very responsive. It allows vertical swiping to go through slideshows and horizontal swiping to go through different sections.

The key in one page designs is well structured content and eye-drawing look which in this case was executed by the video background. The finished product looks modern and attractive on all devices. It complements the company image and reinforces the brand.

The Client – Jumping Pillows

Jumping Pillows is an exclusive distributor of air cushions in the UK and Ireland. The company provides highest quality products which can be installed indoors and outdoors. Jumping Pillows is major ‘crowd magnet’ as it’s fun to use by children in all ages (including grownups :).

To visit the website check out – www.jumpingpillows.co.uk

Mobile version of jumpingpillows.co.uk website

With all are web designs we take the “mobile first” approach. Each website we create is fully mobile responsive. This is a mobile version of jumpingpillows.co.uk. Please take a moment to explore and interact.

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