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Website Redesign Project - Marius Garage Limerick - designed by imwedesigner.com

About the Project

The Project – Website Redesign

Website redesign takes few aspects to consider. The client hired me initially to optimise their existing website. After initial talks and some site tests it became obvious, that the existing site wasn’t performing well. The code needed to be optimised for Search Engines (SEO) and accessibility. The image sizes needed to be cut down on for speed improvements. Also the design itself looked a bit ‘worn out’ and out of date. After a short discussion the decision was made. The website needed to be stripped out and new better version was to be built. I started redesigning the old site by gathering the content and consulting the new look I had in mind for it. We went with visually attractive background images that faded into a dark theme. The information about the company and services was also updated. For speed and minimum maintenance the site was built as a brochure static website with a custom backend for future expansion.

The Client – Limerick Local Business

Marius Garage is a Limerick based repair garage run by a group of profesionals. These guys know their stuff. With them your car is in good hands.

Check out the website here: Marius Garage

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